Class Rules

Be Prepared

  •   Bring paper and two pencils each day.
  •   Have all of your homework and textbooks at school each day.
  •   Have your Accelerated Reader books with you each day.

Follow Directions

  •   Unpack and leave your book bag in assigned area.
  •   Sharpen two pencils before taking your seat.
  •   Have all your homework in appropriate place by 8:00a.m.
  •   Copy the homework assignment from the board.
  •   Do not leave your seat without permission during class time.
  •   No talking without permission during class time.
  •   Raise your hand when you have a question.
  •   Don't interrupt - Respect another person's time to speak.
  •   Quiet line - No talking in the hallway.
  •   Keep a clean desk and floor.

Pay Attention

  •   Face the front.
  •   Listen so you will be prepared to answer and ask questions.

Act Friendly

  •   Do not break in line.
  •   No name-calling!
  •   Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.


Students will begin each day with a green card.

Yellow Card     Warning

Red Card         Warning with 15 minutes of silent lunch.

Blue Card         30 minutes of silent lunch.

Black Card        30 minutes of silent lunch and note home ( Student will have silent lunch until note in returned)

Missing homework assignments ( including parent signatures in assignment book) will result in automatic silent lunch.


Students with green or yellow cards will receive 10 points daily. At the end of each six weeks, students with 250-300 points will receive a homework pass from the teacher. Students with 270-300 points will be rewarded with a movie and popcorn.