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 Second Grade!        

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Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday night. Your child will bring home a homework folder with his/her assignment sheet, reading log, and behavior sheet each day. Please be sure to check your child's folder and sign the reading log and behavior sheet each night.  Homework will usually consist of spelling, reading and math.  Any unfinished class work will be sent home for homework. So please encourage your child to stay on task during our class time. We will send your child's weekly work home on Monday along with a weekly report to be signed and returned the following day. Please take the time to review your child's work. Feel free to contact the teacher if you have any questions or concerns. She is available to talk with you between 3:00-3:30 p.m. If this time is not convenient, you may call the office and set up a conference.

Class Rules

Be Prepared

  • Bring paper and 2 pencils each day
  • All textbooks should be at school each day
  • Have your accelerated reading book with you each day

Follow Directions

  • Sharpen 2 pencils and begin morning work before 8:15
  • Unpack and leave your book bag in the closet
  • Have all your homework in your folder and in the homework container by 8:15
  • No talking without permission during class time
  • Raise your hand when you have a question
  • Do not leave your seat without permission during class time
  • No talking in the hallway
  • Use the hallway and not the outside walkway unless you are with a teacher
  • Keep a clean desk and floor

Pay Attention

  • Face the front
  • Listen and be prepared to answer and ask questions

Act Friendly

  • Do not break in line
  • No name calling
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself